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Car Park Management

Car Park Management

Event Car Park Management

At Meridian Security we have the experience and personnel to cover all of your car park management needs. With over 25 years experience in dealing with both private and public sector security requirements we have become adept at providing professional services that are firm but fair, and that are delivered in courteous and polite style.
With all events where high volumes of people are expected there will be issues with traffic and parking. As an event organiser it is essential that you have a clearly worked out plan in place that not only ensures the safety and security of your attendees but also complies with all local rules and regulations. Meridian Security can cover all aspects of your event parking management, including the following.

Traffic Management Plan Design

We can custom design a plan for your specific event to ensure the free flow of traffic in to and out of your parking facilities, and where necessary liaise with local authorities to ensure that the plan meets with their requirements also.

Provide Professional Personnel

With your traffic plan in place it is essential that you have trained professional personnel who can implement the plan and ensure that all aspects of it are adhered to. We only employ highly trained security agents who are experienced in following and fulfilling agreed event car park management plans.

Control Access to Premises or Venue

Once within the carparks area of your event or venue it is essential that your customers only gain access to public access areas and that all out of bounds areas are secured. We can provide the personnel to ensure that only approved people gain access to off limits areas, ensuring the safety and security of these areas and the people and property within them.

Regular Car Park Security

As well as providing plans and personnel for venues and events we also provide these solutions for private regular use car parks. Employing the same professional standards and highly trained personnel, we can ensure your car park is run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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